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Biol 1362 End Game


First and for most, I have to say, ” I Survived Biochemistry.” I have approached the end of my BIOL 1362 blog. To say this was was best course so far in the University of the West Indies is an understatement. I have grown to appreciate and understand the science of biochemistry. although it was a tough road, the journey was well spent and exciting. Though the “biggest” obstacle is approaching i.e. Finally, I am confident that I will deliver a passing grade and more. Mr Mathew, hats off to you. At first I had the impression of being overwhelmed will all his assignments but I now see the strategy behind it and I must say it works fantastically. I have earned many skill with all his assignments such as researching, documenting, paraphrasing and summarizing as well as group work just to name a few. I look forward in entering Mr. Mathews second year class though it seems that it is going to be even more challenging. So Mr. Mathew I say bring it on.


Thank you all for taking the time to read my posts and giving exclusive feedback.



3 responses to “Biol 1362 End Game

  1. chris ⋅

    best of luck

  2. nadia ⋅

    hahaha, like the dance,anyway best of luck for the future.

  3. nadia ⋅

    hope you enjoyed waking all the late hours preparing your work,and wish that you continue to give off the best always.

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