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Points noted on glycolysis:




-Hexokinase takes the terminal from ATP to add to glucose-6-phosphate

-Every cell has glucose transporters. By phosphorylating glucose-6 phosphate, the glucose cannot move but by adding phosphate to glucose, it becomes unstable (abit) and activated which promotes reaction.

-Phosphofructokinase-1 is the most regulated enzyme followed by hexokinase in glycolysis.

-Bisphosphate has 2 phosphates not attached to the same carbon as in diphosphate.

-Aldolase does the splitting where G3P and DP are isomers of each other.

-DHAP does not contiune in glycolysis.

-TPI converts DHAP to G3P so you get 2 molecules of G3P at the end of the prep-phase.

-TPI is a kinetically perfect enzyme.

-All kinases require Mg2+ as a cofactor because it stabilizes the charge on the ATP molecule.

-All enzymes have an induced fit to prevent water from hydrolysing ATP.

-Oxidation phase in the pay-off section is energetically feasible.

-Oxidation provides energy to phosphates to form 1-3-BPG(2) amd would be unfeasible without oxidation.

-Gylcolysis cannot go on without NAD+ (low conc. in cells)

-3ways to get ATP: substrate-level phosphorylation, oxidative phosphorylation and photo-phosphorylation in plants.

-1-3 BP is a very high energy molecule.

-Most ATP comes form Oxidative phosphorylation.




David L. Nelson, Michael M. Cox. Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry. New York: W. H.

Freeman and Company, 2008.


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