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Die protein…….Die…….

So i have been learning about protein and amino acids and i came across this interesting topic:


Cooked Protein Vs. Raw Protein

Do you think that cooking food has any effect on its protein content in terms of its quality and availability to the cells of our body? For some, this question may have never crossed your mind, especially if you’re new to the idea of a raw foods diet.

How Does Heat Effect Protein?

Most people are unaware that cooking food drastically changes the chemical composition of those foods, including the extreme molecular change to protein. The fact that cooking food destroys protein is not news.“Essentials to Human Anatomy & Physiology”, Elaine N. Marieb writes:

“The fibrous structural proteins are exceptionally stable; the globular functional proteins are quite the opposite. Hydrogen bonds are critically important in maintaining their structure, but hydrogen bonds are fragile and are easily broken by heat and excesses of pH. When their three-dimensional structure are destroyed, the proteins are said to be denatured and can no longer perform their physiological roles.”


Cooked Proteins Become Substantially Useless to Our Bodies

When we apply high heat to food, over 115 degrees Fahrenheit,the hydrogen bonds are destroyed and the amino acids fuse together with enzyme-resistant bonds that preclude them from being fully broken down by the body, creating coagulated proteins. This changes the particular structure of proteins, which are three-dimensional. Their particular functions depend on their specific structure, rendering them unable to ‘fit’ and interact with other molecules of complementary shape, ultimately becoming useless to the body. For example, the protein molecule hemoglobin can then no longer fit with and transport oxygen and is useless to perform its specific function.According to the Max Planck Institute, cooking foods coagulates at least 50% of the protein, making them less bio-available to the body.

Cooked Proteins & Toxicity

Now we have these newly created molecules – from cooked proteins, which the body absolutely can’t recognize as ‘food’. Now these partially broken down proteins, called polypeptides, are targeted as ‘foreign invaders’ and it becomes a toxic substance that the body needs to work extremely hard to remove. This causes the immune system has to focus energy on protecting the body from something that was eaten, instead of focusing on other areas of the body that may need immune support, causing the entire system to work and perform extremely inefficiently. This is one of the reasons why there is such a dramatic increase in white blood cell count (the immune system’s army) after cooked food is eaten.

Proteins, in order to be usable by the body need to be broken down into amino acids. Digestive enzymes can’t easily break down these ‘fused’ together proteins into simple amino acids because they’ve coagulated, putting extra strain on the digestive system and the pancreas.

To top it all off, undigested proteins are one of the main culprits for allergies, arthritis, leaky gut and auto immune diseases. Eating proteins in their raw state does not have this same effect at all, and are actually more bio-available (usable) by our bodies.

It seems quite obvious, once explained, that the body would recognize these mutant protein molecules as ‘foreign’ and not as food as this is not what’s found in nature – one of the most intuitive explanations supporting the consumption of a primarily raw foods diet.


This information was obtained from:

Sacred Source Nutrition.2013. Cooked Protein vs Raw Protein.

Image obtained from:


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  1. shazim ⋅

    This is something common but not everyone know about it so good post !

  2. nadia ⋅

    very good ,but you’re sure right something as simple as this never crossed my mind.

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