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Wanna know me, take a read.



The degree program that I am currently enrolled in at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus is the general degree comprising of a double major in Biology and Environmental and Natural Resources Management and to which I belong to the Faculty of Science and Technology. My main recognition and inspiration to this particular field of study is because we live in a world where a lot of people are suffering and most notably our planet is suffering as well, most notable from contamination, pollution, global warming, etc…the reason why I chose Biology is to study life and what it can show, do and provide for a better lifestyle for humanity to live and grow up in. The reason behind studying Environmental and Natural Resources Management is to study the earth; to make and contribute different changes in how to make the planet cleaner, safer and healthier for us and for future generations to grow up in. These two fields of  study is of paramount importance and needs the best group of  persons to follow in the footsteps of  ongoing  researchers as well as to make a mark on the world with new techniques and  I  certainly believe that I will not belong to that group but mainly branch off  into something much bigger where research will certainly evolve into new perspectives.

My present occupation is a student at the University of the West Indies and my desired occupation in the future is to become one of the worlds’ leading Microbiologists. The number of hours a week I intend to study is more or less two hours a day for six days. I arrived at this value because it is very important to revise and memorize the material in which is presented to me in the lecture, in the labs and also in the tutorials. It will help me stay ahead and plan ahead on my homework and class work and it will give me an insight on how to study for my exams. Not only do I have time allocated to studying but I have one hour each day particularly designated to do my own sets of research and distant learning. The activities that I plan to engage in to help me during my studies is by participating and going to the communications club, environmental club, biological societies club and also my geography club. I also have many aspirations in taking up a foreign language mainly Spanish as we live in a multi-lingual society with enriched languages and culture. These activities will prepare me to interact with others and share ideas about the world around us and how it can be made into a better place for us to live in. it would also make me into the “well rounded person.”

The class of degree I intend to receive is to graduate with honors and 3.5+ GPA. It is my hope; hard work and determination that will get me to achieve my goals of success and prosperity.  This is easier said than done but the will to achieve goals is far greater than anything imaginable. The graduate program I intend to pursue and study is to branch of to microbiology. The reason is because there is a lot more to studying and understanding life when microbiology is involved. It shows us the underlying cause to disease, sickness, disorders and it can give us some answers as to how we can help millions if not billions of people across the planet. I want to be able to be part of that change to help change the course of life and events for people to make healthier choices in living on this planet, treating the planet well and also to find new cures and treatments to help those in need. As I journey through the semesters gaining new knowledge and learning to build myself with the help of god, first and foremost and my family and friends and through the hardworking lecturers and other staff personnel, I intend to make full use and take full advantage of all the resources at the University of the West Indies.

On signing up for the Biochemistry 1 class, it sounded challenging but why would i want to journey through my university life without challenges. The first Biol 1362 AKA Biochemistry classes were well thought and delivered with the key points I needed to see myself working towards a grade A+.

One more thing, my name is 0m@r @l!




6 responses to “Wanna know me, take a read.

  1. TriniCruzan2010 ⋅

    Very Nice…Good luck and hope you aspire to accomplish ALL your dreams and goals. Stay focused and always have faith and confidence in yourself…your blog is very awesome and interesting…it tells a lot about you and what you hope to do and become

  2. Sean ⋅

    i like how you have your priorities set out and i wish you the best of luck…. sounds fun

  3. Jenifer ⋅

    Very nice Mr. Ali, just stay focused and you’ll get all that you work hard for 😉

  4. Sara ⋅

    Wish you the best, sounds really exciting.

  5. nadia ⋅

    wish you all the best and hope you be successful with everything you aspire to do throughout your studies.GOOOOOD, GOOOOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

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